InsaniTV Episode 29-InsaniTV Zombie Birthday Bash!

We’ve reached our first birthday and its time for the InsaniTV Zombie Birthday Bash!  That’s right!  Metal March comes to an end and in addition to being all metal, this episode is all zombies!  We’ve got videos from Camion, Sonic Pulse, Nitrogods, Vendetta Spoken, GWAR, Skrog, Give Zombies the Vote, and Zombie Inc.!

We really hope you enjoy this one and we want to thank you for watching and supporting us over the last year!

We also want to thank Vinny for being our host and guide in the world of metal and we wish him well!

Come join in the fun at

Band links:
Sonic Pulse-
Vendetta Spoken-
Give Zombies the Vote-
Zombie Inc.-

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