InsaniTv Bonus Episode-Interview with Matt Raffaele from Even The Dead Love A Parade

Here’s the extended version of episode 39’s exclusive interview with Matt Raffaele from the Texas band Even The Dead Love A Parade.

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InsaniTV Episode 39

InsaniTV is here with a special Ride For Dime episode!  In addition to filling you in on what’s going on during this weekend’s benefit shows in Texas, Derek also shows videos from Texas Hippie Coalition and Even The Dead Love A Parade, both of whom are performing at the event!  And, Derek sits down with Matt Raffaele from Even The Dead Love A Parade to talk about the band, their video, Ride for Dime and Matt shares his favorite Dimebag Darrell story!
But that’s not all!  We’ve also got videos from Burning Fair Verona, Rise To Fall, Battlespawn, and John No Arms!
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InsaniTV Episode 25

InsaniTV is here with a very special episode!  Not only do we have an exclusive interview with Derek Thompson from Weapon Status Red and the Pantera cover band Hellbound, we also world premiere Weapon Status Red’s brand new video, Sink or Swim!

If that wasn’t enough, we also have some awesome videos from Saint Diablo, Fearce, Bleed Someone Dry, Hollow Demise, and Frantic Amber!

And be sure to stick around until the end to hear about Metal March!
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InsaniTV Bonus Episode-Interview with Hell To Pay

Here is more of our exclusive interview with Dan Martin and Tom Henstock from the UK band Hell To Pay!  We talk about their EP, Time to Rise, touring, mustaches, and a whole lot more!

For even more Hell To Pay, check out episode 22 of InsaniTV, where we talk to the boys about and show their video for the song “Blow It All Away”!

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